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Daily Free Spins and Coins – CM Rewards Collect Now [August 2022]


The most famous trick to get new Coin Master Gold Cards from chests is by looking at the stars of the last Coin Master Card you find in a chest. Does the card has 1-2 stars than buy a wooden chest.

But this card 3 stars you can buy a gold chest. last card has 4-5 stars, we suggest you to buy a magical chest. Looking at the stars of the last Coin Master Gold Card you found in a chest is the most famous trick for getting new Coin Master Gold Cards from chests. If the card has 1-2 stars, you should purchase a wooden chest.

However, with this card’s three stars, you can purchase a gold chest. If the last card has 4-5 stars, we recommend purchasing a magical chest.

Changing language maybe chance to get a new gold card. This is not sure trick will work everyone. but somebody told us this trick worked them. In this game there are some villages that are called boom villages , when you buy a chest in that village you may get a golden card .

Buy a wooden chests if the last card has 3 stars. Buy gold card when last card has 4-5 stars. Then buy Magical chests if you find a golden card as last card. Repeat this tricks when finishing star complete each village.

Collect your CM Master Free Spins and Coins๐ŸŽ

Coin Master is attempting to be completely transparent with us. As a result, they both expected to get rare cards. They value rarity in terms of the amount of stars rather than the likelihood of receiving the card.

CM Master Daily Free Spins and Coins – Collect Today Rewards Now [August 2022]


Master of Coins Viking Quest is a straightforward game. You must play five times in order to receive the required coins. The Bonus Wheel has a few levels after that. The first major stumbling block is level 6. You must win a stack of coins from the bonus wheel in this level.

What is the best way to acquire a bonus wheel in Coin Master? The problem is that the bonus wheel appears only sometimes, and significant wins do not compensate your betted coins. You have three options for picking up.

The Viking Coin Master Quest is only available until you complete level 6. You’ll obtain your first gold card on the sixth level. You’ll probably need 1.5-2 billion coins depending on the hamlet you’re in.

When beginning a new village, begin by building with one star and then purchasing chests until you have a new Coin Master Gold Card. Start buying chests again after completing the second star at objects until you find a new Golden Coin Master card. Rep these steps till you obtain five stars in a village. However, if you cannot find a new gold card for less than 100 million coins, you must purchase new artifacts for your community.

Finally, you’ll just need a third of your heap to do this. This is because you gain winnings from a variety of different combinations, and you don’t want to win a lot of money from the bonus wheel. If you don’t have a lot of money. You can even aim for the second gold card if you want. The third approach entails playing all levels in which you must win coins with the maximum wager.

The prize money might be the same as the number of batting coins. The bonus wheel levels varied slightly.

You increase the stakes to the maximum after about 12 to 20 bets. You won’t lose as many coins between bonus wheel spins if you do it this way.

Collect your CM Master Free Spins and Coins๐ŸŽ

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