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Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map and Guide


Are you playing the newest Tarkov Shoreline Map 2021 on the EFT game? This map is large, with lots of vast spawning areas as loot points. Here is an advanced EFT Shoreline Map Guide for your good gameplay.

EFT is a realistic shooter game by Battle Station Games for PC. The game comes under the classes of Shooter, Hardcore, and RPG simulator with MMO features. EFT got many audiences, chiefly due to its realistic depiction of Survival and inventory control.

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Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide 2021

The shoreline Map is yet another suitable for players who love the medium and long-range fight. The map has Small towns, Beach, and a Healthcare resort.

Spawn Points

Spawn points can be either on the right or the left side of the Shoreline Map. The map is large, and spawns are widely ranged. You can much spawn anywhere on the map except the middle portion. The spawns are mostly placed to the corners of the map, like, towards the shoreline.

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Choke Points

There are not many since this isn’t a small map. Notwithstanding this, three main points are considered with higher SCAV or player combination.

  • The resort is likely to have many visitors due to the loots possible.
  • North River Bridge is the best way to cross the river.
  • South river bridge. This is the main point to cross the river in the south part of the map.

Power Station

This is another choke point in Shoreline Map. If you want any serious fights, then you should visit this is a place. You can spot some keys spawned here to use in the place. Some extra loots can also be found in Power Station.

Health Resort

The Health Resort has 3 parts, east, west, in the front, and the back’s admin wing. There’re 3 floors to the left and right wings, along with a basement. Again there are 2 floors in the admin wing with a basement as well. The resort consists of locked rooms and non-locked rooms.

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Extraction points of Tarkov Shoreline Map 2021

Extraction points are just about on the opposite side you spawn on. You will see one guaranteed exit called Road to Customs on the southeast corner. Eastside of the map, the wrecked tunnel will be your guaranteed extraction south of the map. There are many potential extractions and other ways to get out, but you will be in good shape once you nail down the permanent extractions. An essential extract is likely Rock Passage. You can also read Escape From Tarkov Woods Map 2021 and Escape From Tarkov Factory Map 2021.

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