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A Guide for Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map

Welcome to the guide for the Interchange map in “Escape From Tarkov,” a popular and exciting area in the game.

Interchange is unique, combining a large shopping mall and its surrounding areas. It’s a mix of indoor and outdoor environments, making it a diverse and challenging map to play.

This guide will walk you through essential tips for preparing, navigating, and succeeding in Interchange, whether you’re a new player or looking to improve your skills in this specific map.

Preparing for the Interchange

Getting ready for the Interchange map is like packing for a big day out. You need the right gear for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Choose a versatile weapon that’s good in close quarters but can also handle medium-range engagements. Armor is vital, as firefights can be sudden and intense. Pack enough medical supplies, food, and water, since the map’s size means you might be exploring for a while.

Also, bring a backpack big enough to carry loot, but not so big that it slows you down. Familiarizing yourself with the map layout beforehand can give you a significant advantage, like having a mental guidebook.

Key Areas and Landmarks

The Interchange map has several key areas and landmarks that are crucial for navigation and strategy. The central feature is the huge shopping mall, filled with a variety of stores and spaces. It’s like a giant maze with valuable items inside.

Outside, there are parking lots and a big highway, which act as open, risky areas. Other notable spots include the IDEA, OLI, and Goshan stores, each with its own layout and loot possibilities.

Knowing these areas helps you plan your movement and understand where you might encounter other players. They’re like signposts in a city, guiding you and helping you make strategic decisions.

Looting Strategies in Interchange Map

Looting on the Interchange map is like going on an exciting treasure hunt. The mall is packed with stores that can contain valuable items.

The electronic stores, for example, are like goldmines for high-value loot but are also popular with other players. The supermarkets, like OLI and Goshan, often have useful supplies.

Be sure to check out hidden corners and backrooms, as they can hide unexpected treasures. Looting in Interchange requires a balance of caution and boldness. Stay alert for sounds of other players, as the indoor environment can amplify noises like footsteps or gunshots.

Moving quietly and checking your surroundings regularly can prevent you from walking into a trap. Remember, the goal is to gather as much loot as possible while staying safe – sometimes, it’s wiser to leave an area if it feels too risky.

Engagement and Combat Tactics

Combat in Interchange requires flexibility and smart thinking. The indoor environment means you’ll likely engage in close-range battles.

Use the mall’s layout to your advantage – corners, store entrances, and escalators can provide cover and surprise elements. Be mindful of the noise you make, as sound travels easily inside the mall.

When outside, use the vehicles and terrain for cover, and be wary of long-range snipers. In both settings, always be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on potential escape routes. Sometimes, the best tactic is to avoid a fight, especially if you’re outgunned or outnumbered.


Exploring the Interchange map in “Escape From Tarkov” offers a unique and thrilling experience, combining indoor and outdoor environments in one complex setting.

This guide aims to help you prepare, navigate, and engage effectively in this dynamic map. Remember, success in Interchange comes from understanding the layout, smart looting, and adaptable combat tactics.

Every raid is a new opportunity to test your skills, learn from experiences, and adapt your strategies.

With patience, practice, and a willingness to learn, you’ll find yourself mastering the challenges of Interchange. Happy raiding, and may your looting be plentiful and your escapes successful!



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