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Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map 2021


Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map 2021 – is the first-person shooter game of Battlestate Games studio. This game has many maps such as Factory, Customs, Interchange, Woods, Shoreline, The Lab, Hideout, and Reserve.

This map has 4 main areas. Search the best loot and key locations in all Escape From Tarkov maps. Interchange is one of the largest EFT maps hosting up to 14 players. The interchange map Tarkov guide you with this whole map. Escape From Tarkov Customs map help for beginners

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The next map organized to release in EFT is Town, an urban settlement by the seaside that locals use as an outside recreation spot. This game guide will target Interchange, providing an intuitive map with all keys, weapons, registers, crates, safes, and other loot and spawn points.

Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map 2021

This map has three-story mall, with 3 main stores IDEA, OLI, and Goshan. There is also an outside area, an underground parking garage, and a go-kart track outside.

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Interchange Spawn Points of Escape From Tarkov 

The above image shows the common spawn points on this map (point by red "X" marks). You can say where you are by looking at the mall's location and some of the other landmarks.

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Landmarks include two huge signs, a trains, power station, and a checkpoint. Once you work out your location you need to see where your exit is by double-tapping the “O” key.

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Interchange Exit Points of Escape From Tarkov 

There are three crucial exits on this map. They,

  1. The Railway Exit
  2. Emercom Checkpoint
  3. The Car Exit 
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If you aren't sure, you can come after along the outside of the wall in the end. One person can use the car exit by finishing the raid.

EFT Garage Location

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There are two landmarks here, one which is a ramp and the other, which sees two entrances to the garage at one time. It's the best idea to look for light before going into the garage. Therefore, you know your exact location and then base your movement on there.

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