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Mistral 8x7B & Mistral 7B: What They Are? Is It Free to Try?

Are you fascinated by the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence? Meet Mistral 8x7B and Mistral 7B, the cutting-edge AI tools from Mistral AI designed to transform the way we create text.

Whether you’re coding, crafting stories, or managing extensive data, these models offer a leap forward in AI writing capabilities.

With billions of customizable pathways, they surpass competitors in efficiency and versatility, providing users with top-tier tools for any text-generation need.

What is Mistral 8x7B & Mistral 7B

Mistral 8x7B and Mistral 7B are advanced tools for creating text with artificial intelligence, made by Mistral AI. They represent big steps forward in making AI that can write text.

Mistral 7B, which has 7.3 billion ways it can adjust its behavior, is better than Llama 2 13B in all tests and is almost as good as CodeLlama 7B, especially when making code or working with English. It uses special techniques to make decisions faster and to deal with long pieces of text without getting bogged down.

Mistral 8x7B, sometimes called Mixtral 8x7B, is an upgraded version from Mistral AI that can deal with 32,000 pieces of information at once and is even better at making code.

It’s been tested against GPT-3.5 and has come out on top in most tests, making it a key player among AI tools that anyone can use.

Both versions are made to push forward AI innovation by being open for anyone to use or change, showing Mistral AI’s commitment to sharing technology to help AI progress.

Are Mistral Models Better Than GPT?

The Mistral models, especially the 8x7B, have shown very good results, doing as well as or better than GPT-3.5 in different tests.

They are part of a new group of AI tools that are more open, work better, and can be changed more easily than those made by companies like OpenAI. The 8x7B model is especially noted for its ability to generate code and handle lots of information, making it a useful tool for developers and people working with AI.

Whether Mistral models are “better” than GPT really depends on what you need them for, how you plan to use them, and how you decide what makes one tool better than another.

Mistral models stand out for being available to everyone and easy to change, aiming to make high-level AI technology accessible to more people.

Does Mistral Have Apps Like ChatGPT?

Yes, Mistral AI has introduced a chat service called “Le Chat,” similar to ChatGPT, to provide users with another option for AI-driven conversations.

This service represents Mistral AI’s progress in AI and is currently being tested in a beta version, which means early users might encounter some small issues.

The introduction of Le Chat is part of Mistral AI’s larger goal to develop cutting-edge AI tools and compete with major AI models like GPT-4 and Claude 2.

Is Mistral AI Free to Try?

Mistral AI has made its creations, including the Mistral 7B (referred to as Mistral-tiny) and the Mistral 8x7B (known as Mistral-small), accessible at no cost for developers.

These tools are intended for developers to include AI features in their apps. While the broader use or a user-friendly interface similar to ChatGPT’s for the general public is not yet available for Mistral 8x7B, Mistral AI has launched a beta version of its platform mainly for developers, showing a commitment to supporting developers and professional users initially.

Additionally, a work-in-progress version, Mistral-medium, is in the pipeline, indicating continuous efforts to improve and broaden their AI products.


As we stand on the brink of a new era in artificial intelligence, Mistral AI’s innovations, Mistral 8x7B and Mistral 7B, serve as beacons of progress.

Offering unparalleled access and adaptability, these models not only compete with giants like GPT but also redefine what we expect from AI in creativity and coding.

Whether you’re a developer eager to explore AI possibilities or simply curious about the future of technology, Mistral AI provides the tools to venture beyond current boundaries, inviting us all to partake in shaping the next wave of AI advancements.



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