Escape From Tarkov Woods Map (2021 Guide)

Escape From Tarkov Woods Map

Escape from Tarkov Woods Map 2021 – EFT might be a while aside from release, but it is already a deep and complex game. There are a challenging in-game economy and loadouts, but there are also lots of maps available. If you really want to overlook in raids, you’ve got to know the maps like the back of your hand.

The sensible approach to gameplay gives you limited space to figure out where things are or be messy. This isn’t the time to be rambling around like a wanderer. This EFT Woods map guide covers one of the older maps in this game.

Woods map is a medium to large in EFT with one major central hot-spot. Most of the action will occur in the center of the map, enclosed by woods, but many of the extraction points can find on the map’s outskirts.

Escape From Tarkov Woods Map 2021

Tarkov Woods map, also identified as the "Priozersk Natural Reserve," is a fairly large forested area teeming with rocks, hills, and opened terrain sections. It perfect for long-range battles. Each Raid on the EFT Woods map lasts for 45 minutes, highlights 6 to 12 players, and several NPC Scav spawns. Also can see Escape From Tarkov Customs Map and Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map

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Woods are considered a map that new players should avoid unless they want to complete a particular quest. There're some reasons for this.

  • There is not a lot of loots on this map. If you want to make good money on Woods, you have to join in some PvP fights to win them.
  • Map layout encourages long-range combat and makes gear gain even more important. Sniper rifles and long-range optics win fights on Woods map. Though, it's worth considering that cheap rifles can be handy on Woods. 
  • The map is really PvP-focused and excites players looking for kills of enemies, not for loot that means new players are expected to meet enemies that both outgear and skill them.

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Escape From Tarkov Woods Map 2021 Extracts and Loots

1.West Bunker - 4 wooden crates

2.East Bunker -

  • Outside area: a duffle bag, a wooden crate, some loose loot in a locker.
  • Inside area: Weapon Box, 60-round 6L31 5.45x39 mags, and some loose loot. 

3.Plane Crash Site - some misc loots

4.Lookout Rock / Spine - file cabinet

5.RUAF Roadblock - A Duffle Bag, Two weapon crates

6.Shore Sniper Rock - lootable med bag, Flashdrive spawn

7.Mill / Lumberyard - 

  • South-Western part: 2 Jackets, Duffle Bag, and some loose loot
  • South: Grenade Box and some loose loot
  • East: Wing Room 308 Key 
  • North-Eastern part: 2 Jackets, a Cabinet, a Duffle Bag
  • South-Eastern part: Weapon Crate
  • Inside the Skeleton: Weapon parts and a Jacket

8.Sniper Rock - N/A (can get from the enemy)

9.Ritual - Weapon spawn, A Jacket, A Weapon Crate

Woods Map Flow and Chokepoints

1.Snipers - 

Woods might not instantly look like a great sniper map, but it's actually much solid for these players. Despite the lack of towers, you're unusually far away from a perfect sniper shot.

2.Scav Boss

Contrasted with other Scav Bosses, the EFT Woods map is small aggressive but no less complex. He has 2 guards with him who are densely armored and lack to be taken out first.

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