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Top 5 Best Shopping Cart Software for Your Website

Using shopping carts enables eCommerce. Without a cart, each consumer would have to make risky payments and purchase each item separately. a fix that is neither workable nor secure. Customers who use shopping carts can put several goods in a basket and then browse further. The client can then safely pay whenever they like.

To set up your own shopping cart software, for instance, you’ll need e-commerce web hosting to support your shopping website. You should also make sure to include a credit card processing option to accept payments online. If you’ve worked with websites and servers online before, this won’t be as difficult for you as it might seem.

Best Shopping Cart Software


One of the most well-known eCommerce platforms available is WooCommerce. It was created especially for WordPress websites, and the same business that owns WordPress also owns it. It is merely a WordPress plugin that you can set up with a single click.

There are numerous extensions that can be used to add various levels of functionality to your business, not the least of which are payment processors like Paypal, Sagepay, and Stripe. This can range from stock control to inventory management. Additionally, a number of integrations are offered, including those with Xero for accounting and Mailchimp for email marketing.


BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that helps over 60,000 companies across the world run their end-to-end online shop operations. It combines a variety of ecommerce capabilities to simplify online selling for retailers and is outfitted with excellent and enterprise-level functionality.

BigCommerce provides free transaction processing, a built-in hosted shopping cart, adaptable customization choices, responsive designs, and a variety of payment methods. The least expensive plan comes with a single online store and limitless worker accounts.


Building the ideal website for your company and starting to sell your goods or services online is simple with Shift4Shop. Our fully functional website builder, product and order administration, customer marketing tools, and other features are all included in our turnkey ecommerce system. An ecommerce platform with premium features but not premium pricing.

The generous free plan, appropriateness for novice to advanced users, and extremely secure system are its greatest selling qualities. Shift4Shop protects consumer data through PCI compliance, DDOS protection, regular data backups, and other measures. Additionally, Shift4Shop guarantees a free migration of your existing e-commerce website.

The Shift4 family of programs includes a fully integrated payment processing solution right out of the box. If users choose to use the Shift4 payment processor, they can use the platform without charge forever. If you prefer to utilize different payment processors, you can choose from Shift4Shop’s plans without paying any additional transaction fees.


Shopify has a lot to offer, such as connectivity with 100 payment processors. Even though it is a hosted shopping cart, it has an easy-to-use theme editor that lets you change the look of its templates. Setting up payment gateways is simple.

Whether they are a first-time seller or a multimillion dollar company like Harry’s Razors (yep, Harry’s Razors is a Shopify customer), anyone can utilize Shopify. You can start an online store in no time at all if you have a concept, something to sell, and internet connection.


Shopping cart software is just one of a long list of features that Magento offers; however, it also goes far beyond that. Magento has the adaptability of open source software along with features for marketing, customer service, and customer relationship management. It was created primarily for medium to large eCommerce businesses.

If you want to provide your customers a more tailored shopping experience, you can utilize Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community. Additionally, you can alter how your merchandise and media files are managed on the backend.

For Android and iPhone/iPad devices, the platform also provides native mobile apps with a mobile HTML5 experience. You can develop a mobile website for your brand that is connected to your main website. Customers have the option to drag and drop items as well as swipe and zoom.


Any developer is able to read and modify the source code of open-source software because of the open license that is used in its release. Because of this, it can be scaled once you have programmers on your team.

Users can build their online stores from scratch using its extensive and comprehensive features and connectors. Prestashop is backed by a sizable user base of over 800,000 people who are committed to keeping the platform focused on open source eCommerce.

The community of PrestaShop users has made countless valuable contributions to the software, such as translating it into 65 different languages and producing thousands of modules and themes that are now available in the Addons Marketplace, which has helped entrepreneurs overcome financial, linguistic, and technical barriers.


Using shopping carts enables eCommerce. Without a cart, each consumer would have to make risky payments and purchase each item separately. a fix that is neither workable nor secure. Customers who use shopping carts can put several goods in a basket and then browse further.



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