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Microsoft begins sending out invitations to test its new AI-powered Bing

An AI language model called ChatGPT was made by OpenAI. It has been trained on a large body of text and is meant to understand natural language input and give responses that are meant to make sense.

ChatGPT can do many things with language, like translate between languages, answer questions, and make up conversations. Because of what it can do, it’s a popular tool for language-based applications like chatbots, virtual assistants, and customer service.

Microsoft has teamed up with OpenAI to license the ChatGPT model and use it in a number of applications, including Cortana, Microsoft’s own virtual assistant. Through this partnership, Microsoft can use ChatGPT’s language processing skills to make their products and services better.

Also, Microsoft and OpenAI worked together to make the Azure AI supercomputer, which can train and run large-scale AI models like ChatGPT to improve natural language processing and other AI-related tasks.

Microsoft’s Bing, which is now powered by ChatGPT, is in the beta phase and can be tested by beta testers. To do the same, you need to sign up, and in the next few days, Microsoft will send you an invitation to test the tool. It looks like Microsoft has started to send out invites to test the ChatGPT-backed Bing to select users around the world. This lets users check out Microsoft’s new and improved search engine, which is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Microsoft recently said that more than a million people have asked to test the new Bing that is based on ChatGPT. Based on the latest version of ChatGPT, early testers have been praising the new Bing for how well it works, even though it is still being made.

One of our coworkers got an email inviting them to try out the new Bing. The email said, “We are excited to give you early access to the new Bing, an AI-powered co-pilot for the web.”

Even if Microsoft didn’t send you an invitation, you can still check out the new Bing. In the preview mode, however, users won’t be able to search for a query. Instead, they can choose one of the queries that Microsoft has already set up.

If you don’t want to wait for Microsoft to send you an invite to try out the new Bing, you can set your PC’s Microsoft defaults to give you the same access. This includes making Edge your default web browser and adding the Microsoft Bing Search extension to Google Chrome if you are already using Chrome.



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