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Why 9anime CC Not Showing? Here’s How to Fix It

9anime is a beloved destination for anime fans seeking a broad selection of titles, both old and new, all presented in a user-friendly format.

The platform offers subbed and dubbed versions, along with various streaming quality options. As a free service, 9anime is a popular choice, but like any website, it can sometimes experience technical hiccups.

One such issue that occasionally surfaces is the problem of closed captions (CC) not displaying correctly, leaving viewers unable to follow along with the dialogue.

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What is 9anime

9anime is a popular online streaming platform that caters to anime enthusiasts around the globe. It provides a vast library of anime series and movies, ranging from classic titles to the latest releases, all available in various resolutions and subbed or dubbed versions.

The platform is well-known for its user-friendly interface, high-quality streaming options, and the breadth of its anime catalog.

9anime allows users to watch their favorite anime without the need for a subscription, making it a go-to destination for free anime content. However, like any online service, users may occasionally encounter issues such as the website not showing or functioning correctly.

Why Why 9anime CC Not Showing

When users report that 9anime CC (Closed Captions) is not showing, several underlying issues could be at play.

Firstly, technical problems on the website itself, such as glitches or errors in the streaming service, can disrupt the display of subtitles. Secondly, compatibility issues with certain web browsers might prevent closed captions from appearing properly, as some browsers might not support the necessary technologies or settings required by 9anime.

Another common reason could be incorrect settings on the user’s device. If closed captions are turned off in the user’s browser or on the 9anime platform, this would result in subtitles not appearing.

Additionally, ad blockers or browser extensions can interfere with the site’s functionality, including its subtitle features, leading to a situation where CC does not display.

Server overload is also a plausible cause. When too many users access the site simultaneously, it can strain the server, leading to various functionalities, including closed captions, not working as intended. Lastly, regional restrictions or ISP blocking could affect the site’s overall accessibility and functionality, impacting features like CC.

How to Solve Why 9anime CC Not Showing Issue

To solve the issue of 9anime CC not showing, start by checking and adjusting the closed captions settings within the platform.

Ensure that CC is enabled for the video you are watching. If the problem persists, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies to remove any stored data that might be causing the issue. Additionally, disabling ad blockers or any browser extensions one by one can help identify if any of these are interfering with the website’s subtitle functionality.

Switching to a different browser or updating your current browser to the latest version can also resolve compatibility issues. If the server seems overloaded, waiting for a less busy time to stream might improve the situation.

For users facing regional restrictions, using a VPN can help bypass such limitations and potentially restore access to closed captions. If all else fails, reaching out to 9anime’s support or checking online forums for help can provide further assistance and solutions tailored to this specific issue.


Resolving the issue of missing closed captions on 9anime usually requires some simple troubleshooting.

Begin by confirming the CC settings within the platform itself. Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, disabling ad blockers, and testing the website with a different browser are all worthwhile steps.

Server strain can be a factor, so trying again at a less trafficked time might be the fix. Regionally blocked users may benefit from a VPN. If these solutions don’t work, reach out to 9anime’s support team or explore online forums where other users might share insights and solutions to this specific problem.



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