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What is Sizzle AI, How It Works & Features

Imagine having a personal math and science tutor in your pocket. That’s the idea behind Sizzle AI, a revolutionary new app powered by advanced artificial intelligence.

Unlike apps that just give you answers, Sizzle AI focuses on teaching you how to solve problems yourself.

It breaks down complex concepts step-by-step, leading you through the process like a helpful, patient tutor. Whether you’re stuck on a tricky physics equation or a challenging chemistry problem, Sizzle AI can guide you to success.

What is Sizzle AI

Sizzle AI is a cutting-edge app powered by AI, created by Jerome Pesenti, who used to be in charge of AI at Meta.

This app is designed to help students by providing step-by-step solutions to math problems and questions in subjects like physics, chemistry, and biology.

Instead of just giving the answers, Sizzle AI uses a teaching method to walk users through how to solve problems, helping them understand the concepts better.

How Sizzle AI Works

Sizzle AI uses advanced language models from companies like OpenAI and its own custom models to give detailed educational support.

It offers more than just answers; it interacts with users in a way that feels like talking to a tutor.

Sizzle AI Login

This lets students ask questions and get more information, which helps them learn and get better at solving problems. This approach has proven to be 90% accurate, making it a trusted tool for students from middle school to college.

Features Offered by Sizzle AI

Here are the best 8 features of Sizzle AI.

  1. Step-by-Step Problem Solving: Sizzle AI simplifies complicated problems by breaking them down into easier steps, leading users to the answer.
  2. Comprehensive Subject Coverage: The app helps with a broad array of subjects, such as math, physics, chemistry, and biology, serving learners at different levels.
  3. Interactive Learning Experience: It works like a tutor in a chat, allowing for easy and effective back-and-forth conversations.
  4. Image Upload for Problem Solving: Students can take pictures of their homework and get help solving the problems directly from their photos.
  5. Homework Grading: A feature where users can submit photos of their finished homework to receive detailed feedback and instructions on how to improve.
  6. Multiple Approaches to Solutions: If users want to see different ways to solve a problem, they can use the “Try a Different Approach” feature.
  7. Choice of Answers: For those preparing for tests, the “Give Me Choices” feature offers several possible answers to choose from.
  8. Free Access: Anyone can use Sizzle AI for free, and the app plans to add special features and in-app purchases in the future while keeping the main functionality free for everyone.

Best 5 Apps to Learn AI

Learning apps powered by AI are changing how we learn, making education more tailored to our needs, interactive, and packed with smart tools for better understanding.

Here are five standout AI learning apps:

  1. Coursera: This app gives access to thousands of courses and special programs in AI taught by experts from top universities and companies. You can learn at your own pace and get a certificate when you finish, but it doesn’t adjust the learning based on your progress.
  2. Realizeit: Offers a custom learning experience that changes based on what you already know. You can even use your own learning materials to create courses and get smart tips from the app.
  3. SoloLearn: This one’s all about coding and AI, with lessons on AI tools like Keras and TensorFlow, and programming languages such as Python and Java. It makes learning fun with game-like elements.
  4. EdApp: A sophisticated system for managing learning that suggests courses tailored to you, lets you create courses easily, and translates courses using AI. It has a wide range of topics and recommends courses based on your interests.
  5. Knewton: Focuses on tailoring learning to fit you by analyzing which materials work best. It gives feedback to teachers to help them create more effective learning programs.

AI Learning Apps vs Learning Apps

AI learning apps are different from regular learning apps because they use smart algorithms and data analysis to create a learning experience that changes to fit each person’s pace, style, and needs.

While traditional apps might treat everyone the same, AI apps adapt, suggesting content that fits best, optimizing the learning path, and even guessing where you might need more help. This makes learning more engaging and effective.

Additionally, AI apps often understand and respond to what you say, making it feel like you’re talking to a personal tutor.

This is a big step up from traditional apps, which usually just offer set content and don’t interact or adapt based on how you’re doing.


Sizzle AI is a fantastic example of how artificial intelligence is transforming the world of education. With its personalized approach and step-by-step guidance, it makes learning more engaging, effective, and accessible.

While Sizzle AI focuses on math and science, the potential of AI in education is vast. As this technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative and personalized learning tools.

If you’re a student looking for a helping hand or simply curious about the future of education, give Sizzle AI a try and experience the power of AI-powered learning.



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