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Snapchat’s new chatbot, called “My AI,” is powered by ChatGPT.

Snapchat is a social media app that lets people share photos and videos with their friends. These are called “snaps.” Snaps can only be seen for a short time, between one and ten seconds, before they disappear forever. This is what makes Snapchat unique.

The app also has features like filters, lenses, and stickers that can be added to snaps, as well as a messaging system that lets users send direct messages and group chats. As of 2021, more than 280 million people used Snapchat every day. This shows how popular it has become among younger people.

Snap, a social media company, said on Monday that it is giving some Snapchat users an experimental chatbot feature that runs on OpenAI’s GPT technology. The “My AI” feature will use the latest version of OpenAI’s GPT technology, which has been tweaked to work with Snapchat. As an experiment, the AI chatbot will first be made available to Snapchat+ users this week. The social media site has also asked users to give feedback on the chatbot so that it can be better for future use.

Snap announced the launch of its experimental AI chatbot in an official blog post. The chatbot uses the latest version of OpenAI’s GPT technology. This week, the chatbot, also called “My AI,” will be available to Snapchat+ subscribers only. But in the coming months, this might be available to all Snapchat users. In its blog, the company hasn’t hinted at anything like this.

Snap has said that it is possible for My AI to make mistakes in its early stages, but the company wants to make sure that the chatbot doesn’t give out “biased, wrong, harmful, or misleading information.” My AI can be tricked into saying things it shouldn’t, just like other chatbots like Microsoft’s ChatGPT or Google Bard.

But the company will keep track of all conversations so that they can review the chatbot. Based on the reviews and comments from users, the company will make more changes to make the service better. Snap has also asked its users not to tell the AI chatbot any secrets or personal information.

Last week, Meta announced LLaMA, a research tool that can be used to build chatbots and other AI-based products. It is planned that AI researchers will soon be able to use the tools. But it is not yet available on apps like WhatsApp and Facebook that are owned by Meta.

In conclusion, Snapchat is a popular social media app with fun and interesting features like disappearing snaps and different filters, lenses, and stickers. It has become very popular, especially among younger people, and a lot of people use it. The messaging feature of the app also makes it easy for people to talk to their friends and family.

But, like any other social media app, it’s important to use Snapchat responsibly and be aware of the risks, such as cyberbullying, privacy concerns, and inappropriate content. Overall, Snapchat is a fun and different way to share moments with friends and stay in touch in the digital world we live in today.



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