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Methstreams Alternatives: What Happened to Methstreams

Methstreams was a website that gained huge popularity in recent years for allowing users to stream TV shows, movies, sports, and other media content for free. However, the site was mired in controversy over allegations that it promoted piracy.

In 2022, Methstreams abruptly shut down, leaving many users wondering what happened and where to turn next.

This blog post will provide an overview of what Methstreams was, why Methstreams shut down, and Methstreams Alternatives for streaming content legally after the shutdown

What were Methstreams Used For?

Methstreams acted as a directory, linking out to streams for virtually any movie, show, or sporting event. The site itself did not host any content, but aggregated streams from around the web. Users could browse or search for titles and click to play them directly on Methstreams in high definition. No registration was required to start watching. Some of the key features that made Methstreams popular were:

  • Huge media catalog spanning movies, TV shows, sports, and more
  • User-friendly interface to search or browse for titles
  • High quality HD streams from a variety of sources
  • No signup or registration required to start streaming
  • Completely free access to a massive amount of content

For many cord-cutters and streamers, Methstreams became a go-to destination to watch both old and new movies/shows totally free of charge.

What Happened to Methstreams

Shortly after its launch in 2017, Methstreams’ catalog of free streams saw a meteoric rise in popularity. By 2022, it had become one of the most popular streaming sites on the internet. However, its legality was always in question.

Methstreams did not actually host any content itself, but rather aggregated streams ripped and uploaded from legitimate services like Netflix, Hulu, sports packages, and more without permission.

In June 2022, the Premier League obtained a landmark injunction to block Methstreams in the UK for facilitating access to pirated soccer streams. Weeks later, Methstreams abruptly shut down worldwide. The site currently displays a seizure notice indicating the domain was seized by government authorities. The rapid growth and sudden demise of Methstreams highlights the crackdown on pirated content streaming.

Best 6 Methstreams Alternatives in 2023

Now that Methstreams is gone, here are 6 top legal alternatives for streaming movies, shows, sports, and more: offers live streaming of NFL football games. The site sources publicly broadcast streams from places like YouTube and aggregates them. It requires free registration to access the streams and chat features. Stream reliability varies as it depends on available public sources. features live streaming for NFL football games as well as NBA, Boxing, and other sports. Users need to create a free account to access the live streaming links. The site’s reliability and quality tend to be decent, according to user reviews.

Buffstream is a free sports streaming site that offers NFL streams along with NBA, NHL, MLB, and more. Users report good stream reliability, but the site is ad- and popup heavy. Buffstream aggregates streams from public sources.

NFLStreamLinks is a forum site where users can post and share links to NFL live streams they find on other platforms. Moderators review links, but stream quality is not guaranteed. The community helps surface working stream sources across the web.

Nflwebcast provides an NFL schedule with aggregated links to live streams available from various sources across the web. Access to the site and streams is free and basic. The quality varies based on the linked source.

RedditStreams is a sports streaming site that sources streams from live Reddit posts and threads. It offers the NFL along with other sports. Streams are free, but reliability is hit-or-miss based on Reddit activity.

The best replacement depends on your content preferences, but legal services like these ensure you enjoy entertainment safely and ethically.

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How to Stay Safe When Streaming Content Online

When looking for entertainment, be sure to avoid piracy risks and use reputable platforms to stream legally. Here are tips to stay safe:

  • Use well-known paid services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and others, or free services that license content like Crackle.
  • Be skeptical of “free” sites offering huge catalogs of movies and shows without a clear business model.
  • Don’t click sketchy streaming links on random sites promising premium content access.
  • Enable antivirus and use a VPN for added security when streaming.
  • Never download “free” movies from torrents or uploader sites, as these are usually pirated copies.
  • Avoid services requiring excessive permissions, signups without details, or credit card info for “free trials”.
  • Research sites you haven’t heard of before signing up to ensure they are legitimate.
  • Check that streamed content has proper licensing by looking for studio/network branding.

By being vigilant and using trusted platforms, you can safely access and enjoy content without supporting illegal piracy sites.


The shutdown of Methstreams provides a cautionary tale about relying on unlicensed free streaming platforms. While sites like it make tons of content accessible, it raises significant piracy concerns.

Thankfully, there are plenty of legitimate alternatives to enjoying both live and on-demand entertainment through legal subscription streaming services. By sticking to reputable platforms and being mindful of safety, you can have the convenience of streaming with the peace of mind that it does not enable content theft.



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