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How to Easily Type Backwards 3 Symbols

The backwards 3 symbol (Ɛ or ε) is a unique character with a specific purpose in mathematics, where it symbolizes set membership.

Yet, it also finds creative uses in social settings, sometimes replacing a heart symbol. Since it’s not on standard keyboards, typing it can be tricky.

Fortunately, there are several straightforward methods to insert this symbol across different platforms, allowing you to utilize it both professionally and playfully.

What is Backwards 3 Symbols

The backwards 3 symbol, often represented as “Ɛ” or sometimes “ε,” is a character that looks like a reversed number 3.

It is not commonly found on standard keyboards and is typically used in specialized fields such as mathematics and engineering to denote specific entities or operations.

In mathematics, it is used to represent the set membership symbol, indicating that an element belongs to a certain set.

In other contexts, it might be used creatively to mimic the shape of a heart in text messages or social media posts. Its unique appearance and versatile usage make it a symbol of interest for various purposes, from professional to personal.

How to Easily Type Backwards 3 Symbols

Typing the backwards 3 symbol can seem challenging due to its absence on standard keyboards, but there are several easy methods to do it.

For Windows users, one approach is to use the character map application to find and copy the symbol. Alternatively, you can use the Alt code method by pressing and holding the Alt key while typing “0190” (for “Ɛ”) on the numeric keypad.

On Mac computers, you can use the Emoji & Symbols viewer (accessible through the Edit menu or by pressing Control + Command + Space) to locate and insert the symbol.

For those working on documents in Word or similar text editors, you can insert it by going to the “Insert” menu, selecting “Symbol,” and then choosing “More Symbols” to find and insert the backwards 3. Online, you can also find websites that let you copy the symbol directly to your clipboard.

How to Type Other Special Symbols

Besides the backwards 3, there are numerous special symbols that might not be directly accessible through a standard keyboard but are equally important for various tasks and communications.

To type these symbols, the methods are somewhat similar across different operating systems.

Windows: The Character Map utility is a comprehensive tool for finding and inserting special characters and symbols. Alternatively, using Alt codes (holding down the Alt key and typing a specific number on the numeric keypad) is another method. For example, typing Alt + 0153 produces the trademark symbol “™”.

Mac: The Emoji & Symbols viewer offers a wide range of special characters. Press Control + Command + Space to open this viewer. For instance, to insert an Apple logo symbol, you can find it in the viewer and add it to your document.

Online Tools: Websites like ComposeSpecialCharacters or CopyPasteCharacter allow users to easily copy special symbols not readily available on the keyboard. For example, you can copy unique characters like the infinity symbol “∞” or the copyright symbol “©” to use in any digital content.

LaTeX and Markdown: For academic and technical writing, LaTeX and Markdown languages offer commands to insert special symbols. For example, in LaTeX, typing \infty produces the infinity symbol “∞”.

Incorporating these methods into your typing routine can significantly expand your ability to express complex ideas or enhance the visual appeal of your text.


Mastering the insertion of the backwards 3 symbol opens up possibilities for typing a whole range of special characters.

Tools like Windows’ Character Map and Mac’s Emoji & Symbols viewer provide access to numerous symbols. Knowing the Alt codes for specific symbols or utilizing online resources further expands your typing capabilities.

In specialized writing, platforms like LaTeX and Markdown offer unique commands for special characters. Adding these techniques to your toolbox will enhance your ability to communicate clearly and effectively in any digital environment.



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