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For its Premium tier, Netflix has added spatial audio to hundreds of movies and shows.

In July of last year, Netflix began offering spatial audio for a select number of its original movies and shows across its three subscription tiers: Premium, Standard, and Basic. Now that it has over 700 movies and TV shows, Netflix is adding spatial audio to more of its original content.

However, spatial audio is now restricted to the Premium tier. According to Netflix, users of any device will enjoy an immersive and cinematic experience thanks to spatial audio.

Spatial audio will work fine on any Netflix-compatible device, including TVs, smartphones, or tablets, though it’s more optimized for laptops and tablets. Also, Netflix suggests using headphones for the best experience, but stereo speakers work as well.

Some of Netflix’s most popular shows and movies, including Knives Out: Glass Onion, Wednesday, The Watcher, and Stranger Things, can be found in its spatial audio library along with over 700 other originals.

Additionally, spatial audio versions of new titles such as You, Your Place or Mine, Luther: The Fallen Sun and Tour de France will be available.

To find all movies and TV shows with spatial audio enabled, users can search for “spatial audio” on Netflix. On the title card, a new spatial audio badge will also be present.

Sennheiser and Netflix have partnered to create spatial audio content using Sennheiser’s AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio technology.

“Netflix’s Premium plan already provides the highest-quality viewing experience, with beautiful, sharp 4K HDR video resolution with no ads, the ability to stream and download shows and movies on four compatible devices simultaneously, and more.

With Netflix spatial audio, our Premium members will now experience the best sound quality possible, whether they’re watching at home on a TV or computer, or on the go with a phone or tablet. stated Rishu Arora, director of product management at Netflix.



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