25+ Best KissAnime Alternatives

kissanime alternatives

Kissanime was one of the aged and popular anime sites before a few years ago. This site was shut down around the world. After that, the fans of kissanime were worried about this happened. Nowadays, a lot of anime sites are rising on the internet. But they’re mostly fake anime sites available. Peoples are confusing to separate KissAnime Alternatives which one is fake and real.

Therefore, our team lists out an in-depth article about Kissanime alternative best sites for anime lovers. These will help to watch your favorite anime series. Let’s take a look at our detailed picks.

25+ Best KissAnime Alternatives In 2021

01. Netflix

Netflix is the best KissAnime Alternatives online streaming site in the world. It has a variety of Videos such as Movies, Dramas and Short Films. Also, it has Anime series in here. This Video Platform collected all of the top-rated and most popular Anime series of all time. Nowadays, You can stream your favourite Japanese shows with one tap.

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Netflix is perfect for online streaming videos in HD quality, and you can watch anime and smoother with HQ sounds. They have premium monthly plans for the subscription. So you can subscribe and start watching anime shows on Netflix.

02. 9Anime – 9anime.ru

If you aren’t excited by KissAnime and seeing for its most suitable alternative, 9Anime is the perfect answer to your question. You can watch any exciting and inspiring films and not only that 9Anime allows you to download the anime shows as well. You can set the filters according to language, year type, quality, genre and season.

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It’s a perfect alternative to kissanime.ru as it permits you to see the newest animes quickly than other websites. Despite, not all of the videos are dubbed and has subheading. The main page has a list of dubbed and subbed anime series.

03. GoGoanime

GoGoanime is a similar site of the Kissanime. You watch anime online here. It’s comfortable without having any issues. The newest anime series are displayed in various resolutions on the home page category. You can stream anime series that you like in HD/SD quality.

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GoGoanime allows you to download the videos for the future. You can download 360p, 480p, 720p and in some instances 1080p quality. It’s effortless if you have much data for a limited period. We suggest you watch your anime here because the video player is excellent for webview.

04. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a fantastic site that contains more than 1000 anime series. If you’re looking for Japanese TV drama, you can quickly get available on this platform. Most people are using their services for a long time. It is a trustworthy service that has a great user-interface.

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This site can access Chromecast, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Apple Devices, Roku box, Windows, and Android devices. Also, it has many languages for watching series. They have made a lot of anime episode and are haughtily making popular anime still now.

05. Animefreak

Animefreak the most popular among anime sites. It has a vast library of Anime series with high quality and free. There are hundreds of Anime series on AnimeFreak which you can start watching directly without signing up. You can start watching now without any trouble at all.

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Once you begin watching any series, there is an option to follow the series. Therefore you won’t miss out any episodes from the series.

06. Funimation

Funimation is a US entertainment company concentrating on the distribution of Asian media, most very Japanese anime series. It isn’t available for all countries, only available in 47 countries in 2021.

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You can watch new series and episodes daily. The subscription cost may differ among people. Their series library is rising nowadays, and upcoming series are available every day very quickly. Also, Its user interfaces are mostly liked by people for easy access. You can watch animes and bookmark it if you’re deciding to watch it later.

07. Anime Heaven

Anime Heaven is the heaven website for those who most loved anime shows. If you’re prefer subbed or dubbed anime, then this site is for you. You can watch your favorite anime show without non-stop and buffering. It’s a best KissAnime alternative where people can enjoy watching a lot of new release episodes.

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Most users love this site because it is free of charge and provide High-Quality video content. This site has tons of episodes, and they update new release series within a day. The genres it allows are adventure, romance, horror, action, and more. The only shortcoming of AnimeHeaven is the number of ads it displays each click on the site.

Some best alternative kissanime ru sites

KissAnime has had a vast library of top-rated series. But now, some of the best streaming sites that our team members are using. So, you can also use these anime sites.

08. Chia Anime

Chia Anime is the best alternative to KissAnime, and it has a variety of anime series for downloading and watching online. The interface of this site is easy to access by users. The home page is separated all the latest anime series for people to browse. It has many genres like thriller, drama, comedy, horror, romance, and many more.

09. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is another most suitable alternative to KissAnime. It has episodes added to it each week and hundreds of show series to stream. It does not ask for signup, which is what makes it more favourable for anime lovers.

AnimeLab contains a vast list of anime episodes that is obtainable from online. This site is quickly accessible from various platforms such as Mobile devices(Android & IOS), Apple TV, PlayStation, Chromecast, Xbox, etc.

10. MasterAni.me

MasterAni.me is the most popular anime site among anime lovers. This site doesn’t require sign up to users. They have a scheduled category on the top menu. So you can access easily without any issue.

There’s more than 2500 series available in their library with HD quality. You can use this site from anywhere around the world. MasterAni offers specific genres, such as action, sci-fi vampire, adventure, etc. It also gives you a daily update about the upcoming series.

11. Anime Streams

Anime Streams is the most popular alternative to KissAnime. It’s a cartoon anime site and made with an attractive user interface. This anime site one website created for all anime fans and does not have commercials on it. There are many anime series in its vast library. You don’t need to spend any drop for watching these series online.

You can happily watch high-quality videos while sitting on the sofa. Moreover, you can search for your enjoyable Anime series by perusing the different categories specified on the website. The different categories are subbed, dubbed and all names beginning from A-Z. Sometimes, you may face video buffering issues due to the massive traffic load on its website server.

12. KissManga

KissManga is the buddy of KissAnime, called by the lovers of Anime series. Mostly animes are based on manga, which is a name for comics produced in Japan.

Speed loading, super content and easy access are the efficient things on this manga site. You can read the favorite manga for free of charge on KissManga without waiting for the anime adaption.

13. Anime Planet

Anime Planet is our favorite site for Kissanime alternative. It is the aged and traditional website among anime and manga fans and has more than 50K legal anime episodes. You can see it sorted of anime and categorized parts, such as ‘popular anime this week,’ ‘newest recommendation’ and much more.

Anime planet site is a well-designed and colorful interface like monthly subscription websites, but it’s totally free. You don’t worry about KissAnime down because Anime Planet is the best replacement site for it.

More KissAnime Alternatives Sites watch anime online free

Some best KissAnime alternative sites start with the “A” letter. You can watch your favorite anime on these sites.

14. Anime Frenzy
15. AnimeHub
16. AnimeDao
17. AnimeTv
18. AnimePahe
19. Anime Twist
20. AniWatcher

Some KissAnime Alternatives anime websites

  • Masterani
  • Horriblesubs
  • AnimeKisa
  • Anime Karma
  • Watchop
  • Anime Take

What are the Kissmanga alternatives?

Kissmanga is one of the anime websites in whole anime providers. 25+ sites are the alternative of Kissmanga. You can see anime as we mentioned above site

What are the Kissanime alternatives Reddit

Reddit is a popular social media. There’re many users suggest their opinion on it about Kissanime. If you are more interested in the anime category, then Reddit will help you to find the Kissanime alternatives

How to Questions about KissAnime

  1. How to download anime on KissAnime

    Simply, You can download your favorite Animes series on KissAnime Alternative sites

  2. How to get unbanned from KissAnime

    Unfortunately, Kissanime. ru site was shut down. So we suggest you watch your anime online on other anime sites

  3. How to watch demon slayer KissAnime

    Find the best alternatives of KissAnime site. Then, go to the anime series and search as ‘demon slayer.’ enjoy the series with popcorn.

FAQ’s in KissAnime Alternatives

What is the 9anime ru?

9anime is one of the best and most popular KissAnime alternative sites. Choose your ideal series and watch from your home.

Are kissanime ac and kissanime .com the first site?

The answer is No! because Kissanime.ru site was the first and oldest site. But it has got down along ago

How can i watch kissanime jojo

Find the best relate site of KissAnime and search jojo series. Then stream from your laptop or mobile device


Streaming anime series is enjoyable. The various modern Anime website which gives to watch Anime online is KissAnime, and we can’t dislike this reality. But sometime, the opinion may change between each other. We hope In this article, we cover the top 25+ alternatives for KissAnime