Coin Master Joker Card – Tips and Tricks

Coin Master Joker Card

Coin Master Joker Card is a special prize that you can get during events or find in mystery chests! It gives you the ability to transform it into any card, including Gold cards! Use the Joker Card within the expiry time.

Coin Master Joker Card Tournament

Joker Card Tournament is the newest tournaments in the Coin Master game. In this tournament, the winner gets a Joker Card. This card will give you a choice to get one to unlock a card of your choice for free. You can unlock a gold card or non-gold card by using Coin Master Joker Card. Winning this tournament isn’t easy because a lot of players want to choose a card themselves.

Joker tournament is best among other tournaments. You need to get points in the group. That group has 50 people. Points can earn by going to raid and attack in Coin Master. The higher bet will give you more points-end of the tournament; 10 people get the highest score to receive a prize. Prizes are spins, coins, chests, and the first prize is a Joker card.

How to win Coin Master Joker Card in the Tournament?

The Joker tournament is too much hard to play. Because a person wins the Gold or rare card, it means you have to play it tricky; before this tournament, you should need many spins until you don’t become the first place.

In the last hour, you may see your rank suddenly down; because your group players play more than you. A lot of people in your group will do this, You must become the first rank by beating them. What I do is play for a position in the top 3, preferably first with an edge of about 2000 points above the people below. At that time I stop playing until the last half hour. Then I check my rank. If I lost my rank I use the last 10 minutes to get ahead again and win the tournament.

Other players get ahead of you fast and get that many coins. At the time, you can quit the tournament because it is not worth playing. You can see this quickly while playing the tournament. Remember that you take the time to look at the rankings once in the tournament. Sometimes, in the last hour, you lose your position; you can’t go to a gold rank. Then you have to choose to play for a lower status or quit the game.

It would help if you played all of the tournaments like Attack madness, Raid Madness, or other events. Then you store your Spins for the Joker tournament. Suppose you have a lot of Spins, then you never take 2nd rank in the tournament. So use all tournaments strategically.

Some FAQs about Coin Master Joker Card.

What is the joker card?

Joker Card is a universal card. You can use it into any card you miss in the set, so it is clear that this is the perfect solution for golden cards because we know how hard it is to get golden cards in Coin Master.

How to get a Joker Card?

You can get a joker card during Coin Master event rewards. So you have to play coin master every day with daily new events. You can Collect Coin Master Free Spins and Coins from our site.

Is the Joker Card permanent?

No! Joker Card isn’t permanent; it has an expiry time, so use it before expire. Join us via Facebook